Deep Learning: MIT open course

Deep learning and Machine learning in general is pervasive and it has already change the industry quite a bit but it was just get started and more is coming in the next decades. My undergraduate thesis was about using neural network to get the movement of a rigid object but i haven’t used this tool ever since. Back then the data was limited and computing power was also constrained. The landscape has changed so much in the past decade and the entire ecosystem has made it readily available for every one (programmer mostly i mean) to access this powerful tool to accomplish some really complicated tasks. Below is the open course from MIT this year and it’s a one week long seminar like lectures to get you started. I’ve found other places giving the same topic, but the quality from MIT would always be the top. Remember, luxury today is the necessity of tomorrow, just like what e-commerce have impacted us in the past 20 years.

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First Lecture:

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