Startup inspiration

Last night, i was browsing  Udemy to see if there’s any interesting new course came out and then saw one “How Web Developers Make Passive Income with React JS?” as recommendation on the homepage (Maybe i have seen too many react courses, LoL). The idea is pretty interesting and straightforward, just building some simple web tool as a start point and if people constantly coming back for your service, you can monetize it and it will generate passive income overtime. The course developer also convinced the audience with his own story. Although the total amount he made  is not gonna make one as a millionaire but it’s totally inspiring.

Then he referred to the source where he got the inspiration, that’s is a site called Levels. This site’s author is the developer of Nomad List and i knew this app long time ago and now it has became very popular world wide. So the lesson i learned is how important persistence is on top of  all other success factors. It does not matter how small, how dumb or how suspicious at start, as long as you keep on doing thing with the correct methodology like keep trying, the day will eventually come. There’s also many startups lessons on this site like “Turing side projects into profitable startups”. It’s all worth reading.



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