Typing arrow key(moving cursor) fast without leaving alphabetic area(on Windows)

I’ve been typing the way it is since i was 10. What i found lately is the the way i type arrow key may not be the optimal one after i noticing some other programmer typing. Of course, everyone will be different and everyone use different types of IDE and may have completely different typing habits. What i found suit me best is i really don’t want to move my palm when typing the arrow, especially considering i normally type () , “”, or {} in pairs subconsciously then i need to move backwards to get the correct cursor position. I also don’t want this to be application dependent so what i found in the end is using a tool called Autohotkey. By using below script, i can easily send left, right, up and down key by pressing j,l,i,k with Caps lock since Caps lock is relatively less frequently used and it has little conflict with existing key combination in any system and any application. If you don’t know how to use Autohotkey, just search google or youtube and there are tons of tutorials. Hope this helps  for someone  who don’t use vim or emacs like me.

Capslock & j::Send {Left}
Capslock & i::Send {Up}
Capslock & k::Send {Down}
Capslock & l::Send {Right}

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